Security Model#

First, an overview of the security policy.

Security policy#

Supported Versions#

Last stable version this software always provides security updates. There will be no security patches for other releases (tagged or not).

Reporting a Vulnerability#

If you think you have found a potential security issue, do not open directly a public GitHub issue. Please email us. You can contact

You can also specify how you would like to be credited for your finding (commit message or release notes for the new release). We will respect your privacy and will only publicize your involvement if you grant us permission.

Source code#

CodeQL is used to discover vulnerabilities across the codebase.

Tools such as pyupgrade, pip-audit, GitHub Dependabot and secret scanning are used to check for vulnerabilities in project dependencies. Each commit is checked on GitHub. The same kind of tests are performed locally thanks to pre-commit.

Code quality is verified with tools such as black, flake8 and mypy.

Public security issues are listed here.

Audit on the source code#


Two factor authentication is available and mandatory for the admin access.